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Consultation Services

  • One-On-One Consultation

    • I offer 60 minute one-on-one consulting sessions either in person, via the phone, via Skype, via Google Hangout, or via FaceTime for the iPhone. We will have a chance to discuss your topics of interest prior to the session and I will offer my best advice and guidance to meet your needs. Topics of interest may include and are not limited to: how to form a band, how to communicate efficiently with band members, how to book yourself for gigs, how to get the most from the gigs you play, etc



  • Social Media Organization

    • I offer counseling for & assistance with making the most of your time on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter so you don't have to sort through a host of baby pictures and engagement announcements to find your next gig or networking opportunity!! And if you think the task is too daunting to do alone, I'll sit down & do it with you!


  • Address Book Organization

    • I offer counseling for and assistance with organizing your address book so you can almost instantly find the contacts you need even if you don't remember their names!


  • Cloud Organization

    • I offer counseling for and assistance with utilizing the cloud for the files & documents you will need to send most often on-the-go. This way, you never lose work simply because you need to get home to send over material from your hard drive or computer. Too daunting to do alone? I'll sit down and do it with you!


  • Structured Communications

    • I offer counseling for and assistance with structuring your communication with the types of professionals you interact the most so that you can have a more consistent experience performing for hire.


  • Technology Assistance

    • I offer assistance with maneuvering platforms like Facebook Fan pages, Youtube, BandCamp, and so much more! Overwhelmed by technology and the internet in general? I'm the most patient technology assistant ever. I offer assistance via phone, Skype, & Google Hangout

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