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It is with great joy that I am now able to offer private music lessons for all levels of Voice and for Beginning Piano! I welcome all students 6 years old and up! I have the bulk of my experience coaching vocal ensembles and individual vocal and piano students from an assortment of backgrounds.


My Teaching Philosophy


My lessons are enriched with good vibes & encouragement that make a positive learning environment. My lessons are also supported by a strong education in many styles of popular music for voice and piano from Berklee College of Music and from many esteemed vocal and piano instructors produced by a myriad of respectable institutions. Please see my resume on the right/below!


Tuition $100/hr, $65/30 min
Inquire about Partial Scholarships


Tuition is based on four lessons per month. Monthly tuition totals and breakdowns are provided. Full payments must be sent prior to the start of lessons via Paypal or by check. Please see my Pay Policy Rules that you can download on the right/below for more information!


I am certainly open to doing one-off lessons for students looking to get coaching on performance, stage presence, specific technical issues, etc. Hit the button below to book me for a lesson now!

Published May 12, 2023

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