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With several years under my belt now as a Full-Time Independent Artist, I have quite a bit of experience maneuvering the ins and outs of one’s local music scene- be it a primary or secondary market.


Since graduating from Berklee College of Music, establishing my brand, orchestrating the release of my record, leading my all-female band for a full year of shows to promote the record, and maintaining countless relationships with venues, photographers, videographers, local promoters, competitors, collaborators, engineers, instrumentalists, & vocalists, I can honestly say that being an artist is LOT OF WORK.


A lot of work that can be hard to prioritize and sort through.


Using my experience, I have had the privilege of offering advice on working as artist to students attending Berklee College of Music in Boston and to students attending The New School in New York.


I specialize in building procedures that save TIME & MONEY so that you, as an artist, can focus on your actual ART.


I can offer guidance on how to best organize your workflow for efficiency and can also offer guidance on communication with professionals you rely on within your field.


I also specialize in organizing your ‘office’ so that you see & can respond to the important emails the FASTEST and see the social posts from people within your network FIRST.


As your consultant, I will listen to your goals and provide my best advice while allowing you the space necessary to find your OWN way of maneuvering as an artist in your market.


For the full range of service offered, please visit “Services

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