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Julian Litwack
(Young Adult New York Guitarist)

"Tavonna approached our lesson with the utmost profesionalism, clarity, and attention to detail. She fostered an environment where I felt comfortable exploring my voice, and offered technical pointers that helped me right away. I left with concrete insights and improved confidence! Thanks Tavonna!"

Chase Baird
(Young Adult New York Saxophonist)

Tavonna was a fun, engaging and perceptive teacher. The fact that she was able to et me sounding good in her first half hour is a testament to her ability! I highly recommend studying with her if you ever have a chance!

(Mother of 10 yr old voice student, Nina)

"Lessons with Tavonna were great! Learning singing technique was really helpful!"

10 yr old Voice Student

"Tavonna was so kind and stopped me to tell me what was wrong! She helped me improve my singing so much and was the most kind teacher ever!"

11 yr old Piano Student

"I liked studying with Tavonna a lot because she is a good teacher (is very nice) and is very cheerful!"

14 yr old Voice Student

"I got a A LOT of help with my breathing. When I was breathing incorrectly before lessons, I would feel a strain on my neck and now it's almost completely gone! Thanks so much!"

14 yr old Voice Student

"She really helped bring out my voice and my confidence while working with my voice and learning new music. All while having fun!"

15 yr old Voice Student

"It's always very nerve wracking to sing in front of someone and have them critique you, I wouldn't want it to be anyone else! She's very easy going and has a lot of knowledge about music and how to execute things correctly. I enjoyed learning different ways to control my voice and seeing the outcomes."

Brent Birckhead
Young Adult New York Saxophonist

As an instrumentalist, I end up having to sing background quite often, but I've never had a great deal of confidence in my voice. Tavonna made me feel comfortable and gave me the building blocks to develop my voice properly. Can't wait to see what unfolds!

Antonio G.
US Virgin Islands Restaurant Chef

"I really did enjoy our lesson. It gave me more confidence to sing out!"

16 yr old Voice Student

"I really enjoyed the freedom & flexibility of my lessons. I felt as though Tavonna was there to support me in whatever genre I wanted to sing in. Now I feel more comfortable performing a wider variety of music. I also really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the constructive criticism I received."

(Mother of Piano students, Jolie [5 yrs old] & Vienna [7 yrs old])

"It's inspiring for my children to learn from a working artist! Her lesson plans were structured and easy to follow. Her soft, kind way made my children feel at ease with the expected challenges of learning something new."

15 yr old Voice Student

"I really enjoyed my lessons. I learned a lot about breathing and listening to the piano. She helped me a lot when I had an audition."

15 yr old Voice Student

"What I enjoyed most about my study with Tavonna was how personalized the lessons were. I feel as though I gained a lot of skills that helped me as a singer and I also was taught better techniques. As a result of my lessons with Tavonna, I feel much more prepared for future singing opportunities. I now have more knowledge on how to properly sing and utilize my voice correctly."

Lily D
Young Adult Voice Student

"Tavonna's attention to my personal process & challenges helped me to focus where I needed to most and learn about myself a singer & improve regularly. Tavonna's exhuberence for teaching has inspired me to pursue what I love fearlessly."

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