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MasterClass Vocal Workshops

Available in 6 Week, 1 Hour Courses AND/OR 3 Day Intensives

Masterclass Vocal Workshops are a great way to study voice in a fun, group setting with others.


During each portion of the workshop, a different topic is covered while reinforcing basic vocal technique with proper breathing, projection, tone, etc.

Students gain confidence singing with others to live piano and track accompaniment.

Songs are Pop/Rock/Soul/Musical Theatre, etc

  • Basics of Healthy Singing

  • R&B Stylings- Beginning Riffing

  • Super Beginning Vocal Improvising

  • Beginning Lyric Writing

  • Stage Performance Techniques

Available Workshops: 
Contact to Bring One to Your Afterschool Program or School!

SongCraft:A Songwriting Workshop®

Available in 6 Week, 2 Hour Courses AND/OR 5 Day Intensives

SongCraft: A Songwriting Workshop® is a workshop near and dear to my heart because it facilitates the exploration of one's writing voice in the safe, supportive environment of a group!

Every day of the workshop, I uncover a new writing tool or technique to help you discover and explore your own perspective on the world around you and bring it to song!

Whether you play an instrument or NOT, I can still help you make your own songs by showing you some of the tricks of the trade to improve your lyric and melody-writing.

Take A Look at the Reel for
SongCraft: A Songwriting Workshop!

Contact me through the Contact page to inquire about bringing SongCraft to your students!

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