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- Akosua M, Mother of an Adult Learner with Autism 

"My son who has autism has been taking voice and piano lessons with Ms. Tavonna for about a year now....I am amazed to see how great he's doing with his voice lessons and also with the piano lessons as well. Ms. Miller makes the lessons fun and challenging. I highly recommend her to other parents with special needs children, who are interested in learning music. Thanks Ms. Miller. Keep up the good work."

It is my joy to offer my services as a Private Voice & Piano Instructor to learners with special needs and to learners with learning differences. 

My experience & training to educate this neurodiverse demographic began during my graduate studies at Boston Conservatory @ Berklee back in 2010.


There, I had the opportunity to get some training on the ground-level of an academic offering for the Music Education graduate path that would later blossom into it's own complementary concentration at the institution years later.

What I learned in that training program, I took with me to New York City where I found families that I could support with my services as a private Voice & Piano instructor. Luckily, my new skills teaching learners on the autism spectrum were soon re-engaged as they grew to consist of nearly half of my total student population.

The window to creative accomplishment that learning music offers learners with special needs can be so enriching & inspiring, not only for the student to personally experience, but also for the family to observe. The reason is that, learning music has so much to teach about nuance, regulation, balance and concentration. Boosted by enhanced self-esteem, the student can take  those special lessons out into her daily life & experience functioning better in social settings. 

Are you looking for an instructor who can teach your loved one with special needs how to sing or play piano? Feel free to send me a message through my "Contact" page so that we can set up a call to discuss the ins & outs of how I can help!

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